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From our first poll at the start of the 1999-00 season through today, we've produced a Top 25 men's basketball national ranking more than 250 times. We've had more than 200 teams appear in those rankings but we've never had an easy way to answer the frequent question, "Has this team ever been ranked before?" or "Has this team ever been ranked this highly before?"

Now we do, and so will you, if you download the Top 25 men's basketball archive.

Download archive

The archive is a large Excel spreadsheet that you can download, sort and analyze at will. The default view is an alphabetical listing of every team that's been ranked. Using Excel's sort feature you can organize them anyway you want. 

The first three columns show each team's highest ranking in the Top 25 poll, the number of seasons it has been ranked at least once, and the number of times it has appeared in the poll overall, including preseason and final rankings. The columns highlighted in yellow show any team that was ranked in a particular season. Click on the plus sign at the top of the columns to reveal the week by week rankings for that season.

If you're not comfortable with Excel and accidentally mess something up, no worries -- just download the file and try again.

Here are some historical tidbits. We'll update these again at the conclusion of the next season.

And if you want to quickly jump from one poll to another online, we still have this listing for you to do so.

In the long run

On the women's side, four teams ended the 2018-19 season with a streak of at least 93 consecutive appearances in our rankings. The longest streaks on the men's side are a lot shorter. Whitman has appeared in the last 54 polls, dating back to January 3, 2016. Augustana and Williams are second with 30.

Amherst has been ranked at least once in our Top 25 poll every season except the first one. Wooster and Illinois Wesleyan have achieved the same feat, appearing in the Top 25 at least once in 17 of 18 seasons.

We're No. 1

Over the poll's 20-year history, 32 programs have reached the top spot at least once. UW-Stevens Point has reached that spot in seven different seasons. The CCIW has had the most programs reach the top of the rankings -- Augustana, Carthage, Illinois Wesleyan, North Central (Ill.) and Wheaton (Ill.)

No men's team has ever held the top ranking from the preseason all the way through the final poll. 

Here's the year-by-year list of teams that have been ranked No. 1, starting with the preseason selection and ending with the national champion. 

2018-19 Nebraska Wesleyan, Augustana, Nebraska Wesleyan, UW-Oshkosh
2017-18 Whitman, Nebraska Wesleyan
2016-17 Amherst, Babson, Whitman, Babson
2015-16 Augustana, Whitworth, Augustana, St. Thomas
2014-15 UW-Whitewater, Augustana, UW-Whitewater, Washington U., Augustana, UW-Whitewater, Randolph-Macon, UW-Stevens Point
2013-14 Amherst, UW-Stevens Point, UW-Whitewater
2012-13 MIT, Virginia Wesleyan, North Central (Ill.), St. Thomas, Rochester, St. Thomas, Amherst
2011-12 Virginia Wesleyan, Augustana, Middlebury, Hope, UW-Whitewater
2010-11 UW-Stevens Point, Wooster, Whitworth, Williams, Whitworth, St. Thomas
2009-10 Washington U., Randolph-Macon, UW-Stevens Point, Guilford, Washington U., UW-Stevens Point
2008-09 Washington U., UW-Platteville, Wheaton (Ill.), St. Thomas, Washington U.
2007-08 Washington U., Amherst, Rochester, Washington U., Amherst, Hope, Washington U.
2006-07 Virginia Wesleyan, Wooster, UW-Stevens Point, Amherst, UW-Stevens Point, Amherst
2005-06 Illinois Wesleyan, Wittenberg, Wooster, Lawrence, Virginia Wesleyan
2004-05 UW-Stevens Point, Wooster, UW-Stevens Point, Illinois Wesleyan, UW-Stevens Point, Wooster, UW-Stevens Point
2003-04 Williams, Hampden-Sydney, Amherst, Rochester, Williams, UW-Stevens Point
2002-03 Washington U., Randolph-Macon, Williams
2001-02 Carthage, Randolph-Macon, Carthage, Otterbein
2000-01 Calvin, Carthage, Wooster, Carthage, Chicago, Catholic
1999-00 UW-Platteville, Hampden-Sydney, Calvin

Rankings on repeat

Through the end of the 2018-19 season there are 19 programs that have appeared in at least 100 Top 25 rankings. Wooster has appeared in the Top 25 the most times (242), just three more times than UW-Stevens Point (239).

Wooster 242
2 UW-Stevens Point 239
3 Amherst 227
4 UW-Whitewater 194
5 Washington U. 188
6 St. Thomas 184
7 Augustana 180
8 Williams 171
9 Whitworth 164
10 Illinois Wesleyan  163 

All eight teams in the WIAC have been ranked at least once. UW-Superior also appeared in the Top 25, way back in 2001-02, before the Yellowjackets moved from the WIAC to the UMAC. All eight teams in the UAA have been ranked at least once, making it the only conference where all of the men's and women's programs achieved that feat. All 11 teams in the NESCAC have all appeared in the Top 25 at least once.

Nebraska Wesleyan became the first unranked team to win the national championship. The top ranked team in the country has won the national championship only twice. Calvin did it in 1999-2000 and UW-Stevens Point in 2004-05.

Coast Guard has appeared in the Top 25 only once, but the Bears made that appearance count. They rode their Cinderella postseason run to No. 15 at the end of the 2007-08 season.